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Frequently Asked Questions

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On the Home screen, press the "..." button, then choose "Options". At the bottom, press the trash can icon beside "Remove Penbook".

You can use your own photo or PDF as stationery! In your Penbook, open the menu and select a page. Choose "Options", then check "Use page-specific stationery". Then, press "Import stationery (image or PDF)". The file you choose will be used as this page's stationery.

From the Home screen, press the "..." below the Penbook you want to export. Buttons for Export, Print, and Share will appear.

You can twist the ruler with two fingers to rotate it to any angle. I you're not using a touch screen, position your cursor over the ruler and use the scroll gesture (on a trackpad) or the scroll wheel (on a mouse).

Penbooks live in here: C:\users\[[YOUR USERNAME]]\ AppData\Local\Packages\ 36376UserCamp.Penbook_t7afzrbtd67z0\ LocalState\

Press the 'Finger' button in the drawing toolbar (at the top of the screen). This will enable you to draw and erase with your finger.

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